How many hours working dentists

Dentistry is a job that is challenging and rewarding for those who have an interest in the field of care of health. Most of the dentists work a week of work average, about 35-40 hours. This varies in each case.


Being a dentist is a job that requires years of specialized training. This is practical and theoretical training and lasts for several years as a student of dentistry.

Payment for hours

Although dentists do not charge by the hour, the average hourly wage for general dentists is slightly less than US $ 75.00, according to occupational May 2008 statistics released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


Because dental school is expensive, many dentists have to borrow to pay for their education. To repay these loans, most dentists work overtime in their careers , and then resume the regular schedule of 40 hours a week.

Equipment costs

The costs of equipment are high when you’re a dentist, due to the specialized equipment and technology evolves. Many dentists when they buy new equipment, they work overtime to cover these costs.


Most dentists rest holidays. A few do work dental emergency and charge accordingly.