Fear of the dentist

The fear of the dentist is also often justified by previous experiences that the patient has had and they have traumatized, so conscious sedation is an option for the patient to regain confidence in the dentist.

Due to the fear of the dentist, many patients end up with really serious dental problems that can even lead to the loss of all the teeth in the mouth, a fact that could perfectly be prevented by initially going to the dentist.

Ideal conscious sedation

Objectives that an ideal conscious sedation must fulfill are:

  • Efficiently reduce nervous tension and anxiety.
  • Contribute to analgesia either by acting on the local anesthetics used or by including analgesics in the technique of conscious sedation.
  • Minimize or suppress unwanted movements that hinder dental treatment.
  • Causing a certain degree of amnesia from the procedures and previous moments. The drugs used must have a rapid metabolism with minimal side effects or residuals.