All you risk not to cure your teeth

What are the most common risks, not taking enough care of your teeth?

The main risks:

  • The development of dental caries (infections can lead to abscesses if they are not treated in time).
  • Damage to the supporting tissues of the teeth, gums and bones, which can cause the pure and simple loss of teeth if nothing is done.
  • Neither do we neglect various oral cancers that are often “silent” but detectable by a professional. Screening them early increases the rate of treatment success considerably.

During dental care, abscess not taken in time, or even energetic brushing injuring the gums of a badly maintained mouth, bacteria can pass into the bloodstream. These bacteria present in the blood can, during their passage in the heart, be fixed and develop on the internal lining of its cavities (endocardium) and more particularly on the heart valves thus generating the infective endocarditis.

And when it does not kill, the infection can lead to many complications such as severe heart failure, generalized infection, kidney problems or heart rhythm. In some cases, there may even be a stroke.

All socio-cultural groups are concerned by the lack of hygiene.

However, economic and social factors can be found in the latter, because the lower the proportion of the population observed and the lower education, the lower the oral hygiene.