All about your first visit to the dentist for children

70% of parents think, wrongly, that when their children still have baby teeth it is not necessary to go to the dentist, however, every time we see more children with milk teeth problems.

It is important to be aware that many problems such as cavities could be avoided by taking the child to the dentist before they get the final teeth.

Know everything you need to know on your first visit to the dentist for children:

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends making the first visit to the dentist in the first year of life and after an annual review.

Although some pediatricians suggested to do it when the teeth of milk composed of 20 teeth is complete, which is usually around three years, but a study conducted in 2007 revealed that in 26.2 of children under 4 already had tooth decay and teething .

Previous to the visit

One of the problems of the children’s first visit to the dentist is that they usually go with fear. It should be avoided by favoring the child’s relationship with the dentist.

Before going, we must prepare the child psychologically. We can explain that it will be like a game where they will look at your mouth and that if you behave well you will have a prize.

For this reason, a professional dental development specialist in dentistry will give your child a tour of the facilities so that they can feel confident and familiar.

The day of the visit

When you go to the dentist for children for the first time, they will surely ask you a questionnaire about your child’s medical and dental history.

If the dentist detects a problem, it will indicate the treatment to follow and will tell you if it is better to do it as soon as possible or if it is better to resolve it in the future when the final teeth come out.

In dental the specialists for children will explain to your child what will be done in a fun way. If all goes well, an annual check will suffice until tooth replacement begins.

Remember that the attitude of parents influences your first visit, so in dental we have the best dentists for children where we expect your child to live a positive experience, feeling comfortable and learn about dental health care.

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