Advice on dental hygiene

Since our childhood we have been taught to brush our teeth 3 times daily after each meal and for 3 minutes. It seems that more important than all that is the technique in brushing.

Several recommendations that we should always keep in mind about tooth brushing are:

  • The teeth should be brushed half an hour after each meal

When we take food (especially acids), the pH of our mouth diminishes, needing a time to return to normal. For this reason, if we brush our teeth when we have eaten what we will do, we will rub the acid through our enamel. If on the contrary we wait for that half hour approximately, the PH will be regulated in our mouth in a natural way and already the brushing will not have any negative effect. As a curious fact we can add that the ideal pH is around 7 and so you can get an idea of ​​a soft drink can be in 2.5 “similar to vinegar.” The simple fact of brushing half an hour after taking food will help to reduce the number of cavities in the mouth.

  • Important to sweep the teeth and not to scrub them

When we brush our teeth, what we intend is to always sweep the plate out, not extend it through the mouth. For this reason, the most appropriate brushing technique will be that of sweeping in the direction always from the gum towards the outside of the tooth with the consequent circular movement in our wrist. It will be important to keep an order when cleaning our mouth so we do not forget anything. Teeth on the outside, on the inside and the tongue (also very important).

  • Chewing gum or eating cheese

Finishing our meals with chewing gum or cheese is recommended due to the xylitol in chewing gum (since it has ant cariogenic properties) and in the case of cheese it helps us to reduce the pH of the bacterial plaque and helps to demineralize the teeth.


  • Very important: always wash our teeth before going to bed

At night we salivate less and the cariogenic substances act for it in a more aggressive and accentuated way, for this reason it is so important to brush your teeth before going to sleep.